Camper Travel and Luggage

Please let us know your teen’s travel plans by completing the online Transportation Form.

Travel to Camp

Air Travel

Beyond Akeela teens traveling by air on Opening Day should plan to arrive at Boston Logan airport as close as possible to 1:00 PM. Beyond Akeela staff can meet teens at their gates or in their baggage claim area, whichever your family prefers. Please check with Kevin before making any flight reservations.
We love it when teens fly with other campers to camp and find it leads to a smooth transition to camp. Let us know if you’re interested in this option and we’ll do our best to connect you with other families in your area.

Camp Van

There is no additional transportation charge for taking a camp van to camp. Beyond Akeela staff members will meet and greet you and your teen at designated locations near Boston and New York.
Boston Metro: Please meet our team at 1:30pm at the Northbound McDonald’s Rest Area on Route 128 (I-95) in Lexington, MA. The bus will leave at 2:00 PM. Note: Rest Area is accessible from Route 128 Northbound only, near Exit 30.
New York Metro: Please meet our team at 11:00 AM in the Super Stop & Shop parking lot at 610 White Plains Road (Rte 119) in Tarrytown, NY. The bus will leave at 11:30 AM.

**If you would prefer to drop your camper off at camp, please reach out to Kevin to discuss the timing of drop off. With the number of teens coming by plane and camp vans, all of the Beyond Akeela staff will be away on camper pickups until around 3pm on Opening Day.

Travel from Camp

Air Travel

For teens flying home on their own, please schedule a departure from Boston Logan Airport as close as possible to – but no earlier than – 12:30pm. Please check with Kevin before making any flight reservations.

Boston Logan Pickup

Families who would like to pick up their teens by car, or who will be flying home with them, can meet them at Boston Logan Aiport. The specific airport meeting time and location will be determined once we know everyone’s travel preferences. However, families can anticipate meeting their teens in the late morning.

Luggage Information

Your teen should come with their belongings on Opening Day. Soft duffels or large backpacks are preferable to hard-sided trunks without wheels. We have found that teens travelling with two medium sized duffels prefer that option as compared to one very large bag. Please see our Packing List very important packing tips!

Family Handbook Table of Contents

  1. About Beyond Akeela
  2. Camper Travel and Luggage
  3. Packing List & Purchasing Camp Clothing
  4. Laundry, Electronics Policy, and Spending Money
  5. Communication: E-mail, Phone Calls & Parent Communication
  6. Health Care: Medications, Health Communication, Medical Charges, Other Health Concerns
  7. Success at Beyond Akeela
  8. Camper Code of Conduct

Important Note for 2021

One of the reasons we have made this Handbook available on our website, rather than sending it by snail mail, is that we anticipate making changes well into the spring, as we learn more about how COVID-19 will affect how we operate this summer. To be clear, camp is opening and we are ready to keep our campers and staff healthy and safe in any scenario. However, current conditions, as well as guidance from health professionals and the State of New Hampshire, might affect some of our planned activities, travel opportunities, policies, etc.