Communication at Camp

Camper Mail

Should you need to mail anything to your camper, please address all mail as follows:

Curry College
C/O Camper Name/Beyond Akeela
1071 Blue Hill Drive
Milton, MA 02186


In addition to writing letters, campers will be able to communicate with you through their personal email account during the summer. Beyond Akeela staff will do their best to coordinate regular computer access for campers to read and respond to emails from family and friends. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the program, the group will not have access to internet and computers at all times. This will make access to email challenging on some days. We are not planning to have email access for the final three day trip in Boston, due to lack of computers available for our use.

Regular Website Updates

To keep you as current as possible with all that’s going on at camp, we will regularly update our website. Updates will include news from camp, announcements of special events & trips, pictures and videos. These can all be accessed through the Family Log In link on Beyond Akeela’s website.

Camper Phone Calls

Families who choose to do so may coordinate with their teens Head Advisor to schedule a brief phone call with their teen. We ask that you wait approximately 5 days after the start of the camp session. This time allows teens to acclimate to Beyond Akeela before calling home, which we find makes calls better for everyone involved! The call will be roughly 15 minutes. Parents who live in separate households can schedule separate calls if they prefer.

Family Communication

We believe strongly in partnership and open lines of communication with families. The Beyond Akeela Directors and Head Advisors will be your primary points of contact during the camp session. The best number to reach them on is 617-882-2267. There will be three planned touch points throughout the summer between you and your teen’s Head Advisor. Should anything arise at camp that we feel warrants more timely communication, we will of course be in touch with you then as well.

Communication After Camp

In August, you will receive a brief report from us summarizing our staff’s feedback of your teen’s time at Beyond Akeela. We will also be inviting you to participate in a survey to collect any input you have for the camp.

One of the wonderful outcomes of Akeela is lasting friendships. We would love for your teen to be able to keep in touch with their friends from this summer. At the end of each session, we will print out the names, home phone numbers and addresses for each camper. In addition, we will list the family email address that you have used to be in touch with us. (We use parent/guardian emails because not all families are comfortable sharing their teen’s email without their knowledge; if you prefer to have your teen use a personal email address, please feel free to pass that information along to your teen’s friends after camp.) If you do not want to have your family’s information shared with the other families in our community, please let us know before the end of your teen’s camp session.

Family Handbook Table of Contents

  1. About Beyond Akeela
  2. Camp Forms
  3. Camper Travel and Luggage
  4. Packing List & Purchasing Camp Clothing
  5. Laundry, Electronics Policy, and Spending Money
  6. Communication: E-mail, Phone Calls & Parent Communication
  7. Health Care: Medications, Health Communication, Medical Charges, Other Health Concerns
  8. Food at Beyond Akeela
  9. Success at Beyond Akeela
  10. Camper Code of Conduct