Packing List and Camp Clothing

Packing List

Please do your best to follow our suggested packing list and avoid over-packing! Of course substitutions can be made for individual preferences. We recommend sending your teen with a list of everything you’ve packed. This will help your teen keep track of their belongings throughout the session.

All items brought to camp must be clearly marked with the camper’s name. We highly recommend Label Daddy products for this purpose. (Please enter AKEELA at checkout to have 25% of your order donated to CampLauncher!)

☐ 7 short sleeved t-shirts
☐ 2 long-sleeved t-shirts
☐ 1 sweatshirt or light fleece
☐ 1 medium weight jacket or fleece
☐ 4 pair of shorts
☐ 2 pair pants (sweatpants, jeans, etc.)
☐ 6 pair underwear
☐ 8 pair athletic socks
☐ 1 bathing suit
☐ 1 pair pajamas
☐ 1 pair of sneakers, sturdy enough for light hiking
☐ 1 pair of sandals, comfortable for walking
☐ 1 hat with brim
☐ 1 hooded rain jacket/poncho (lightweight, rolls easily into small bundle)
☐ Sunglasses
☐ Shampoo/Conditioner
☐ Soap or body wash
☐ Toothbrush and toothpaste
☐ Deodorant
☐ Hair brush or comb
☐ Electric razor or manual razor with shaving cream
☐ 2 washcloths
☐ 2 bath/pool towels
☐ 1 bottle insect repellent
☐ 1 bottle sunscreen
☐ 1 pair of shower sandals (optional)
Camping Gear:
☐ 1 sleeping bag, rated approximately 40°
☐ 1 compression stuff sack (to minimize size of sleeping bag)
Optional – 1 camping pillow (e.g. compressible foam)
Optional – 1 thin camping sleeping pad (self-inflating or foam)
Optional – 1 small, lightweight flashlight
☐ 1 twin XL set of sheets (flat, fitted, pillowcase) **REQUIRED**
☐ 1 small daypack/backpack
☐ 10 washable & reusable facemasks (must cover mouth and nose)**
☐ 1 water bottle or canteen
☐ 1 laundry bag
☐ Books or other reading material
☐ Watch
☐ Wallet

Please be aware of the risks involved in sending any expensive and/or fragile possessions. Beyond Akeela is not responsible should these items be lost or broken during the summer.

A Note About Masks

REQUIRED: Masks must cover both mouth and nose, with straps to wrap around the head or ears. Neck buffs and bandanas are not appropriate masks.

A Note About Linens

REQUIRED: One twin XL set of sheets (flat, fitted, pillow case) and two bath towels. Teens will launder linens half-way through their camp session.
CAMP PROVIDES: One blanket and a pillow while at Franklin Pierce University.

Prohibited Items

Also, please do not send or allow your camper to bring any of the following items to camp:
χ Any type of toy gun (including foam, water, dart)
χ Knives (including Swiss Army or Boy Scout types) or any other type of weapon
χ Any type of tobacco product, drugs or alcohol
χ Items prohibited by the Electronics Policy on the previous page

Purchasing Camp Clothing

Camp Outfitters by Lands’ End is our official camp supplier. Please keep in mind that purchasing items from Lands’ End is strictly optional, there are no required purchases. They recommend that you order by calling them directly so they can help you with your shopping. Also, feel free to look at the general Lands’ End website if there is an item you can’t find on the Akeela page. Lands’ End will be happy to put the Beyond Akeela logo or your teen’s monogram on any of their (applicable) items for you.

Please allow 5-7 days fulfillment of your orders. ORDER EARLY TO INSURE ON-TIME DELIVERY! Please don’t hesitate to call the Camp Outfitters at Lands’ End directly with any questions about camp clothing: 800-995-8711.

Family Handbook Table of Contents

  1. About Beyond Akeela
  2. Camp Forms
  3. Camper Travel and Luggage
  4. Packing List & Purchasing Camp Clothing
  5. Laundry, Electronics Policy, and Spending Money
  6. Communication: E-mail, Phone Calls & Parent Communication
  7. Health Care: Medications, Health Communication, Medical Charges, Other Health Concerns
  8. Success at Beyond Akeela
  9. Camper Code of Conduct

Important Note for 2021

One of the reasons we have made this Handbook available on our website, rather than sending it by snail mail, is that we anticipate making changes well into the spring, as we learn more about how COVID-19 will affect how we operate this summer. To be clear, camp is opening and we are ready to keep our campers and staff healthy and safe in any scenario. However, current conditions, as well as guidance from health professionals and the State of New Hampshire, might affect some of our planned activities, travel opportunities, policies, etc.