Our Location

We are fortunate to call Curry College our summer home. Set in beautiful Milton, MA, Curry is the perfect partner for the Beyond Akeela community. Just like Beyond Akeela staff “get” our campers, it’s important for the university to understand our community. There is strong institutional alignment between Curry College and Beyond Akeela, as it is well known for its support of students with learning differences. Additionally its PAL Program is a great program that supports neurodivergent students with additional social and executive function support throughout a students time at Curry.

The university clearly gets our mission and has the infrastructure and resources that will make the Beyond Akeela experience even better for our campers. While it’s just 30 minutes away from Boston, Curry provides a serene “secluded” feel, with a campus lined and filled with trees, and surrounded by the beautiful Blue Hills Reservation. All the while it gives our community access to the many resources surrounding the Boston Metro area for day trips and community service/internship programming within close proximity of Curry.

Our Dorm

Beyond Akeela has exclusive use of 886 Dormitory Hall. It is classic dorm style living, full of double occupancy rooms, lounge space, and common bathrooms on each floor. The dorm has central air-conditioning!