Beyond Akeela Teens

Who will be there?

Many campers are curious to know who they will be spending their time with at Beyond Akeela. Teens at Beyond Akeela are often described as kind, accepting, and witty. Moreover, they are teens who share similar life experiences and have common goals for their futures. All Beyond Akeela campers have the ability to go to college, and are considering a variety of college options after high school, including gap year programs. One of the most important things we do in the “off-season” in make sure we are surrounding you with a group of teens you can connect well with.

Where does everyone come from?

Campers come to Beyond Akeela from all over the United States, and even internationally. Some teens know each other from their time at Camp Akeela in Vermont, and the majority come to camp without knowing anyone. This creates an environment in which teens are eager to get to know other campers and form great friendships with each other.

How do I pick my roommate?

We send out out a survey to you in the spring before camp begins. In that survey you will let us know more about your interests and living habits. That survey will help us place you with a roommate that you get along well with AND co-exist well with.

Who will I spend my time with during the day?

Most of your time will be spent with other campers in your age group at Beyond Akeela. The campers and staff in your group will be like your family for the summer. However, meals, evening meetings, and some activity times are when the whole community gets together.