Your Development

At Beyond Akeela, we focus on providing organic opportunities for you to develop and practice on the skills outside the classroom you need to thrive in college. Here’s how that works:

Social Connection:
  • All the activities at camp are designed to give you chances to meet other teens who share your interests and have similar life experiences. Summer is NOT the time for a social skills class. We want you to have fun while you’re making lifelong friendships.
  • Our staff provide structure and support during our camp activities and travel experiences throughout the session. They are present and focused on building relationships with you while giving you space to meet new friends.
  • Most campers love having free time to hang out with their friends, so we make sure to give you some each day. There are plenty of things to do in the dorm or around campus.

Staying Organized & Time Management:

  • Staff share tools and strategies to help you stay organized and manage your time, and give you the space to practice them on your own.
  • You’ll manage your routines and daily prep independently with guidance and support from staff, as needed.
  • You’ll get a customized schedule, based on your activity preferences, when camp starts which you can refer back to.

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  • We want you to get out of Beyond Akeela what YOU want to get out of it. We encourage you to talk to the staff about your goals or any ideas you have to make the program better for you!
  • You’ll have opportunities to pick and choose your activities in many cases, including community service and day trip options.
  • Staff will challenge you to solve problems independently while providing you support and guidance along the way.

Health & Wellness

  • There will be lots of opportunities for you to use the fitness center on campus or do other physical activities (eg. campus walk) for exercise. It’s a great opportunity to develop a healthy exercise routine for yourself.
  • We’ll talk about all the mental and physical benefits of maintaining a good exercise routine.
  • You’ll participate in group conversations about healthy eating habits and nutrition, and we’ll help you reinforce those habits as you create your cooking group menus.


Healthy Living Habits:

  • You’ll be responsible for managing your laundry at camp after some guidance on the machines from the staff. It will feel like you’re doing your laundry in college.
  • You’ll share the responsibility of preparing a meal with a small group of your peers, which includes setting a menu and grocery shopping.
  • We’ll help you set a budget for your spending money while you’re at camp so you can practice money management skills.


What Activities Will I Do At Camp?