Laundry, Spending Money, and Electronics


As you see in the Packing List, we ask you to pack just under one week’s worth of clothing. Teens are responsible for doing their own laundry at regular intervals during the summer, and will have the support of Beyond Akeela staff as needed. Please pack a laundry bag, as they will not be provided by camp. Camp provides detergent (free of scents and perfumes) and dryer sheets for teens to use, and there is no cost (eg. quarters) doing for laundry.

Spending Money

One of the goals of Beyond Akeela is to help teens manage their money independently. We recommend campers bring spending money with them for personal purchases, such as souvenirs or gifts for family. We suggest families send their teen with no more than $200 in spending money. Some families prefer to send their camper with a prepaid debit card rather than cash to mitigate the risk of loss. We also suggest not sending your teen with a credit or debit card with access to more than $200. All meal and activity expenses for the summer will be covered by Beyond Akeela.

Electronics Policy

One of the ways we provide positive experiences for our teens is by limiting electronics in our camp environment, thereby encouraging our campers to socialize through structured activities and unstructured free time. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with and support of these policies.

Any item that makes phone calls, accesses the internet, or has screen content of any kind (games, videos, etc.) is not permitted at camp. Examples of permitted and not permitted electronics:

Permitted Electronics
– iPod Shuffle or Nano, or other screenless music player (e.g. Sony NWE393 Walkman MP3 Player or SanDisk Clip Sport Plus MP3 player, both available for approximately $50 on Amazon)
– E-Reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.) – without video or game content
– Digital or Disposable Camera

Prohibited Electronics
χ – Cell Phone
χ – iPad or other tablet
χ – Any electronic device that contains games or video content
χ – DVD Player
χ – Laptop Computer
χ – Handheld video gaming systems
χ – Video Camera

1. We recognize that many digital cameras have the ability to record videos. We will ask campers and staff to refrain from taking videos inside of the dorm rooms.
2. Camp is not responsible for replacing electronic devices brought to camp, which may be damaged or lost.
3. If any of the items not permitted are brought to camp, we will collect them and return them at the end of camp.
4. We recognize that cell phones are important for teens to have if they are travelling independently to camp. Teens are permitted to have their phone until they have safely met with a counselor at the airport.

Family Handbook Table of Contents

  1. About Beyond Akeela
  2. Camp Forms
  3. Camper Travel and Luggage
  4. Packing List & Purchasing Camp Clothing
  5. Laundry, Electronics Policy, and Spending Money
  6. Communication: E-mail, Phone Calls & Parent Communication
  7. Health Care: Medications, Health Communication, Medical Charges, Other Health Concerns
  8. Food at Beyond Akeela
  9. Success at Beyond Akeela
  10. Camper Code of Conduct