What To Expect From The Beyond Akeela Summer Transition Program

While teenagers are having fun and building life-long friendships, our staff is helping them achieve their goals. Specifically, here are some of the things that we’re working on with our teenagers who have Asperger’s or similar ASD (autism) profile, NLD (or NVLD), or ADD/ADHD.

Post-Secondary and College Transition Program

Social Growth:
Teens spend their summer surrounded by a true peer group with similar experiences and interests. Campers practice navigating peer relationships in a new environment that’s both challenging and supportive. Beyond Akeela staff provide ongoing facilitation of social interactions and ensure campers feel connected and socially successful.
Teenage Travel Program

Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence:
Beyond Akeela teens gain increasing amounts of independence and responsibility throughout the program. Each phase of the experience – from settling into dorm life at camp, to exploring the great outdoors, to helping plan their last week of travel – encourages campers to learn more about who they are and all that they are capable of.

Leadership and Self-advocacy:
Self-advocacy and leadership development are critical life skills that are paramount to the Beyond Akeela vision. Facilitated activities are designed to challenge campers to step out of their comfort zones while advancing their collaboration, problem solving, and resilience. Teens are given the space to advocate for the type of experience they’d like to have through choice-based programming.

NVLD Teen Transition Program
Executive Functioning and Life Skills:
Beyond Akeela presents countless real-world opportunities to work on planning and prioritizing, time management, organization, flexibility, and task initiation. Teens are empowered to help create itineraries and plan group meals. They also practice important life skills such as budgeting, shopping, cooking, doing laundry, and living with a roommate.

College and Job Readiness:
Beyond Akeela provides organic opportunities for young adults to practice their independence and develop skills for a socially successful transition to college. A caring group of adult staff members provide honest and empathetic advice about post-secondary options. Community service work is supervised by volunteer coordinators and staff who share feedback and job coaching during and after service opportunities.