Overview for Staff

Beyond Akeela is a three week travel program that blends elements of a traditional “teen tour” program with life skills, community service, and outdoor adventure. Our campers, who are typically described as bright and creative, struggle to make social connections with their peers. They need practice and guidance in reading non-verbal cues, exhibiting empathy, or understanding social nuances. Many, but not all, have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or a non-verbal learning disability. Beyond Akeela is designed from its inception with an intentional and explicit focus on fostering lifelong camp friendships while molding independent, successful young adults.

Who Should Apply

Our staff members are primarily experienced college and graduate school students who all choose to join Beyond Akeela because they are excited about mentoring young adults through a travel experience. They approach the summer with a level of energy and dedication and a sense of humor that make it evident how much they enjoy and truly “get” Beyond Akeela campers!

Staff will not be providing “therapy” in the traditional/clinical sense, but will be a key part of a program that integrates a therapeutic approach to recreation and community living. Staff will have the opportunity to work first-hand with older teens and see the practical applications of their studies, while providing an incredible camp experience. Camp Akeela’s directors Debbie (PsyD in Clinical Psychology, Yeshiva University) and Eric Sasson (MEd, Harvard University), are at camp to mentor and support the staff prior to the trips departure.