Transition Summer


Program Highlights

teens on a college visit College Application Planning – You’ll continue to focus on your college search, with more opportunities for college visits. You’ll engage in more discussions on the college application process and writing effective college essays with college admissions faculty, helping you as you prepare to embark on the application journey. The workshops will give you practical advice and opportunities to get started on your applications and map out your college essays.
teens working in kitchen
Community Service & Job Readiness – You’ll pick a community service project YOU are interested in and pursue it with a small group on 6 different occasions throughout camp. Through these experiences, you’ll be developing important job skills while gaining over 10 hours of volunteer hours. You’ll have opportunities to learn how to translate those skills onto a resume and share the experiences gained in mock interviews. Past service locations include local farms (with animals), community gardens, library initiatives, and youth camps.

A Typical Day

Wake Up & Morning Prep
You are responsible for setting your own alarm each day and getting yourself ready for breakfast. We’ll also have a quick morning meeting which will be a refresher on what your plans for the day are.
Community Service
You’ll pick your community service location and gain job-like experience at that site over the course of several days of service work. Each day you’ll have a consistent group and staff member accompanying you, and receive instruction from a volunteer coordinator at your site.
Free Time
This is a great chance to hang out in the dorm or around campus with your best friends from camp.
Most of our lunches will be in the campus dining hall, and on day trips we typically have a bagged lunch while we are out. There are usually a few different choices for you to select from, and we work with the team of chefs to make sure there is something for everyone.
Rest Hour
You don’t need to nap!… but we do ask that everyone takes some time to relax in our dorm building to re-energize before the afternoon.
Camp Activity Elective
You can choose from a selection of specialty camp activities facilitated by Akeela staff. Options typically include, Arts, Creative Writing, Music, Strategy Games (eg. D&D), Team Sports, Tennis, Theatre/Drama, Wilderness Survival, Yoga/Mindfulness and more!
Everyone gets together for a healthy snack as a community.
Curriculum Session
You will engage in group activities on topics like healthy relationships, the college application process, resume building, college visits, etc. We give you the agency to make choices and pursue the conversations you’re most interested in.
Health & Wellness
You will have the chance to exercise in a way you enjoy. Whether that’s going for a walk, run, swimming in the lake, or using exercise equipment, maintaining a basic level of active exercise each day is a good routine to build.
Free Time
This is a great time for you to email back and forth with family back home, get some rest, or hang out in the lounge with your best camp friends. More active options are also available each day, as you can use the exercise facility and other areas on campus at during this time.
You’ll have a chance to prepare two meals with a small group of camp friends. You will plan the menu, budget for the grocery store trip, and prep the meal as a team with as needed support from the staff. Dinner on other nights are at the campus dining hall.
Evening Meeting
As a whole community, we share announcements about the day and what’s coming next, and acknowledge the accomplishments of our friends.
Evening Activity
Evening activities range from nights out bowling to movie nights, and camper planned parties to talent shows.
Evening Routine
After evening activity, you’ll have a quick evening huddle with your cohort to bring some closure on the day and review the plan for the next day. Then it’s time to start your evening routines in preparation for sleep. There is no set bedtime, but we do ask that the dorm floors are quiet after 10pm.

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