What Parents Say

We recognize that in choosing to send your teen to Beyond Akeela, you are entrusting us with the physical and emotional safety of your teen, and also their social & emotional development. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and work year round to develop our program each year to create a life changing experience for our campers and their families. Thank you for considering Beyond Akeela as a summer option for your teen, and we hope that in reviewing the website you’ll have a better sense for what our community is all about.

We are always here to answer your questions about camp, feel free to reach out whenever you’d like!

Below, you’ll see what former Beyond Akeela parents had to say about their teen’s experience at camp:

“We are delighted that Paul seems more confident, self-assured & is more focused on his future. Paul also made several very good friends at camp, with whom he keeps in touch with and meets up with now that he’s back at home.” – Cheryl, parent of 16 year old

“Beyond Akeela changed Sydney’s sense of what might be possible for her–mainly by introducing her to such wonderful peers. She is now more engaged in her college search. She said the best thing about camp was living in such a warm and accepting community. This experience was transformative for our family!” – Rob, parent of 17 year old

“He went from being hesitant to go to wanting to return next summer. His social growth was very evident. His confidence grew and he is more independent in many ways.” – Bill, parent of 17

“I really appreciated the variety of experiences that the kids had, and was particularly grateful for the time looking at what a college experience might involve.” – Regina, parent of 18 year old

“She is more aware of who she is after her summer at Beyond Akeela. She met some really great friends that she keeps in touch with still.” – Sherry, parent of 16 year old