What Parents Can Expect From Beyond Akeela Teenage Program

On Beyond Akeela Teenage Program, while teenagers are having fun and building life-long friendships, our staff is helping them achieve their goals. Specifically, here are some of the things that we’re working on.

Teenage Travel Program

Social Growth:
Teens spend their summer surrounded by a true peer group with similar experiences and interests. In a new environment that’s both challenging and supportive, campers practice navigating peer relationships. Beyond Akeela staff provide ongoing facilitation of social interactions to ensure campers feel connected and socially successful.
Teenage Travel Program

Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence:
Beyond Akeela teens gain increasing amounts of independence and responsibility throughout the program. Each phase of the experience – from settling into dorm life at camp, to exploring the great outdoors, to helping plan their week-long “Big Trip” – encourage campers to learn more about who they are and all that they are capable of.

Leadership and Character Building:
Personal growth and character development are paramount to the Beyond Akeela vision. Participants serve as role models for our younger campers. They choose community service projects that are meaningful to them, fostering an appreciation for the rewards inherent in helping others. Facilitated activities are designed to challenge campers to step out of their comfort zones while advancing communication skills, collaboration, problem solving and resilience.

Boston Teenage Travel Program
Executive Functioning Skills:
Beyond Akeela presents countless real-world opportunities to work on planning and prioritizing, time management, organization, flexibility, and task initiation. Campers are empowered to help create itineraries and plan group meals. They also practice important life skills such as budgeting, shopping, cooking, doing laundry, and living with a roommate.

College and Job Readiness:
Beyond Akeela provides non-didactic, organic opportunities for young adults to practice their independence. It’s a chance to live in a college setting without any academic pressures, and among a caring set of adult staff members who provide honest and empathetic advice about post-secondary options.

Chicago Quirky Kids Travel Program

Beyond Akeela provides quirky teens the opportunity not only to explore Chicago and surrounding areas for the summer, but it also enables them to prepare for life after high school. Many Chicago teens who have traveled with us on Beyond Akeela Kids Travel Program are heading to college or a post secondary program and need the practice in order to start off their young adult life successfully. Beyond Akeela Travel Program is a chance for teens to become more independent. They learn to be more flexible as they travel from place to place. They learn important life skills such as food preparation (including menu planning, making a shopping list, shopping in a grocery store and finally, cooking a meal), laundry, budget planning, and setting an alarm to attend a morning meeting.

Perhaps most importantly, quirky children from Chicago get a chance to meet other teens from all over the country who share similar interests and life experiences. Teens on Beyond Akeela make life-long friends and form connections that make them feel valued and part of a community. Beyond Akeela Kids Travel program is not just about travel – it’s about taking the first step towards successful adulthood.