What Teens Say

At Beyond Akeela, we focus on providing the best social atmosphere and skill building experience for neurodiverse teens preparing to transition to college. We hope you’ll take a look around the website to get a better feel for our camp. We’re excited to get to know you as you consider Beyond Akeela and please know that we are here to answer your questions. Beyond Akeela is a unique experience, and we know that for many new campers in represents a “new” experience as well. That usually creates feeling of both excitement and nervousness. You are not alone in feeling those things

Here is what previous campers have shared about their experience at camp:

“It felt great hanging out with other teens who share similar life experiences with me. I can’t wait to see my friends back at camp next summer!” – Charlie, 16 years old

“The freedom I had to create new friendships, mixed with responsibilities we had and structured activities, really helped me get ready for college. I feel so much more prepared for this transition now.” – Sara, 18 years old

“There was a great balance of downtime in the program that allowed me to hang out with spend time with my friends. It felt nice to be trusted by the staff and have lots of opportunities to spend time around campus with my friends.” – Seth, 16 years old

“I enjoyed the conversations we had in workshops about different life skills, and it was great that we had a chance to practice those skills at camp. I learn best when I get to practice what I’m learning.” – Joanna, 17 years old