From a Quirky Teenage Campers Perspective

At Beyond Akeela, we focus on providing the best atmosphere and skill building experience for your Quirky Teenage Campers. Here is what some of our Quirky Teenage Campers had to say about their experience.

Quirky Teenage Campers

We started our time together at Camp Akeela Wisconsin! It was great to start out at camp and feel part of the greater Akeela community. We enjoyed some traditional camp activities and went on some really cool trips to Madison and Lake Michigan!
What we learned: We got a good sense of what it’s like living in a college dorm with a roommate. Our college visits in Madison were not only exciting, but informative about different college options available to us.

Quirky Teenage Campers Boston

We also had an awesome treetop adventure through a ropes course!
What we learned: We challenged ourselves to try something new, and proved that we could do it! It took teamwork and lots of communication from all of us to get through the course together.

Quirky Teenage Campers New England

We got to cook meals for the whole group, and they were delicious!
What we learned: We planned all the meals for the day it was our turn to prepare the food. We went to the grocery store to figure out what we needed and if it fit our budget. We all picked up a new culinary skill in the kitchen, too!

Quirky Teenage Campers Cambridge MA

I’m so proud of the community service we did at the Lawrence University garden. I loved that I got to CHOOSE my own community service project.
What we learned: It’s important to give back to a community that gives so much to us. While we worked on fun projects together, we also learned something cool about a new friend.


I got to visit a new big city and saw so many new things I wouldn’t see at home!
What we learned: We figured out how to find our way in a city using public transportation and took the initiative to plan our own trip. It felt so cool to be in control of our daily itineraries.


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