Post-Grad Summer


Program Highlights

Work Study – You will have an on-campus or community-based internship during which you’ll receive meaningful feedback from a supervisor and Beyond Akeela Advisor. You will also get to learn more about the expectations in a college classroom environment, led by collegiate faculty and education consultants, and develop an understanding of the differences in accessing support in high school and college.
Travel Planning – You will be actively engaged in setting itineraries and making plans for various group outings, including overnight and day trips. This is your chance to have a real say in what your experience is like at camp.

A Typical Day

Wake Up & Morning Prep
You are responsible for setting your own alarm each day and getting yourself ready for breakfast. We’ll also have a quick morning meeting which will be a refresher on what your plans for the day are.
You’ll pick an on-campus or community-based internship and gain meaningful job-like experience in an area of interest. You’ll get feedback and coaching from a Beyond Akeela staff member along the way, and have opportunities to learn how to leverage the experience on your resume and in interviews.
Free Time
This is a great chance to hang out in the dorm or around campus with your best friends from camp.
Pending the day, lunches are predominantly in the campus dining hall, in addition to occasional pre-packed lunches to eat out of camp picnic-style.
Rest Hour
You don’t need to nap!… but we do ask that everyone takes some time to relax in our dorm building to re-energize before the afternoon.
Activity Elective
You can choose from a selection of specialty camp activities facilitated by Akeela staff. Options include, Arts, Dance, Music, Strategy Games (eg. D&D), Team Sports, Tech Tent, Tennis, Theatre/Drama, Wilderness Survival, Yoga/Mindfulness and more!
Everyone gets together for a healthy snack as a community.
Health & Wellness
You will have the chance to exercise in a way you enjoy. Whether that’s going for a walk, run, swimming in the lake, or using exercise equipment, maintaining a basic level of active exercise each day is a good routine to build.
Curriculum Elective
You will engage in group activities and discussions on topics like healthy relationships, advocating for accommodations in college, mock interviews, etc. You’ll pick your own sessions, and get a custom schedule!
Free Time
This is a great time for you to email back and forth with family back home, get some rest, or hang out in the lounge with your best camp friends. More active options are also available each day, as you can use the exercise facility and other areas on campus at during this time.
You’ll have a chance to prepare two meals with a small group of camp friends. You will plan the menu, budget for the grocery store trip, and prep the meal as a team with as needed support from the staff. Dinner on other nights are at the campus dining hall.
Evening Meeting
As a whole community, we share announcements about the day and what’s coming next, and acknowledge the accomplishments of our friends.
Evening Activity
Evening activities range from nights out bowling to movie nights, and camper planned parties to talent shows.

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