Tips for Life at Home for Teens with ASD

We have all been thrust into a situation that no one expected or planned for and taking time to settle into our new routines. These are challenging times for many reasons for so many people, and the challenges of the major transition that we’re all facing right now can be magnified for teens with autism spectrum disorder. We are looking forward to being back at camp this summer where we know we can establish normalcy for ourselves and our campers. In the meantime, building routine and structure into the uncertainty that we are living in can help make life at home a better experience for all. Here is a sample day that you can use at home with your family and teens (of course, we understand that you will need to adapt this to meet the needs of your family, teen’s school, etc.):

7:30 – 8:00am – Wake Up & Morning Routine

  • Shower, brush teeth, change into clothes for the day, and make your bed!

8:30am – Breakfast

  • This is one of the meals that we find ourselves having “on-the-go” so often in life. We now have an opportunity to share meals together, talk about our plans for the day, and take a break from our usual hustle and bustle.

9:00am – Morning Activity 1

  • Pick a project for school and dedicate an hour to it. Our brains often work at their peak in the morning (Not true for you? We suggest you try coffee 🙂 … ), so use this time to dig into some school work.

10:30am – Morning Activity 2

  • Health &Wellness time! This is a great time to go for a walk, do an active activity in your home, go for a bike ride, or anything else you like to do to keep your body healthy.

11:30am – Free Time

  • Take some time to relax and do something you enjoy around the house.

12:00pm – Lunch

  • This is another nice time to come together with your family and check in with each other to see how everyone’s day is going. It’s great time to reset the day and see if anyone needs help with anything the rest of the day.

1:00pm – Afternoon Activity 1

  • Back to school work! Pick another project to focus on and dig into.

2:30pm – Afternoon Activity 2

  • If you have more school work to do, take a quick mental break before going on to another project. Otherwise, this is a great time to do some research into post-secondary options. Do some online research on some college and transition programs you are considering and take some notes to refer back to.

4:00pm – Snack

  • This is a great chance for YOU (teens, we’re talking to you!) to prepare a snack for yourself. What do you like to make for snacks?

5:00pm – Family Time & Dinner Prep

  • Take some time to do an activity with your family. It could be an ongoing project like a puzzle or strategy board game.
  • This is a great chance to practice cooking with your family and learn some new skills in the kitchen, too.

6:30pm – Dinner

  • Share something you were proud of during the day with your family, and set some goals for tomorrow.

7:30pm – Evening Activity

  • Take some time to relax, catch up with friends, and maybe take care of some basic household chores too (eg. laundry, cleaning your room)


We hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying some time to be with family!

Kevin & Kristin

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