Chris Rock NVLD Diagnosis

With the plethora of news items about COVID-19, it is easy to miss good news these days. We recently came across some news about Chris Rock disclosing his NVLD diagnosis on The View. We are hopeful that this will continue to increase awareness for teens whose diagnosis is often missed and the limitless potential we always encourage our NVLD college transition campers to see in themselves.

What is NVLD (Non-verbal learning disorder)?

NVLD is a type of learning disorder that is not language based, but rather creates challenges in visual-spatial awareness, motor skills, and social skills. There are a lot of similarities in how NVLD and Asperger’s Syndrome present in individuals. For example, people with NVLD are often described as being very detail-oriented and thrive in the minutiae of problems. They have a harder time observing how each detail plays into the bigger picture. This often leads to challenges with executive functioning and master planning. The NVLD Project is a great resource for families and professionals looking for more information on NVLD.

How this helps NVLD teens ready to transition to college

A question many parents ask us is how to talk to their teen about living with Asperger’s or NVLD. One way is directing them to positive role models who share their diagnosis. Likewise, seeing this news can help college capable teens with NVLD and Asperger’s feel more confident that they are ready to transition to college. The more people like Chris Rock who share their NVLD or Asperger’s diagnosis, the more awareness and normalization it creates. Learning about a diagnosis can be hard for teens to navigate. The more individuals they can relate to, whether they be celebrities or peers in the community, the better. When teens can see successful individuals who share similar challenges with them it unlocks barriers to what they feel they can accomplish.

Do you have a teen with a recent NVLD or Asperger’s diagnosis who is looking to transition into a post-secondary program or college? We’d love to chat and see how we can help!

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