Summer Activities for Teenagers with Asperger’s

For teens with learning differences and Asperger’s, this spring has unfortunately been a time of lost opportunities and missed experiences. Teens have missed graduations, proms, and many other social events as a result of COVID-19 spreading into our daily lives. Beyond Akeela campers will be missing the opportunity to share the Beyond Akeela experience with each other this year as we were forced to suspend our camp season due to the closure of our host site, Lawrence University, for the summer. While there has been a lot of a loss the past few months, we hope to provide ideas of summer activities to help make the next few months successful for your teen with Asperger’s.

Extracurricular Activities for Teens with Asperger’s this Summer

  1. Virtual College Open Houses – For families considering college, there are a lot of virtual opportunities to help your teen prepare for that transition. Many schools are hosting virtual open houses or tours. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about these schools from the comfort of home!
  2. Virtual Transition Programs – There are many post-secondary schools offering virtual college transition programs that focus on helping teens develop skills for life after high school. These programs will provide structure and social opportunities for teens while promoting skills necessary for post-secondary success. Please reach out if you would like recommendations!
  3. Weekly Meal Prep – Encourage your teen with Asperger’s to be responsible for one or more meals a week at home. They should plan everything from grocery shopping, budgeting, to cooking the meal itself. Building this into the weekly routine will also create some good conversation topics around the house!
  4. Day Trip Planning – Everyone loves a good day trip to explore new places and see new sights. This a great summer activity for a teen with Asperger’s to practice their executive functioning skills. Encourage them to plan out the day, including all details like travel, sights to see, food, and whatever else is entailed with the trip.
  5. Family Getaways – Ready to get out of the house? Consider a safe and fun family vacation to Akeela’s Family Camp! A chance for your whole family to get out of the city and enjoy the fresh air of Vermont. Lots of structured social time and fun summer activities will surround your family!

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