Thanking Our Coaches

Dear Beyond Akeela Families,

It’s the time of year when we gather with loved ones, be they friends or family, and reflect on what we’re thankful for. This year we can’t help but think of all the “coaches” in our lives that we interact with in different ways. Everyone, no matter their neurological makeup or path in life, benefits from coaching. Simon and Arlo are now taking swimming lessons. We’re grateful they have coaches who have the patience and will power to teach them some basic water safety skills (we certainly don’t!). In both of our professional lives, we have colleagues and mentors that we look to for coaching and guidance. They help us navigate our careers and build a better version of Beyond Akeela every year.

Yet it’s clear to us who the most important coaches in our lives are. The Beyond Akeela staff members we work with every summer are truly incredible. We talk with staff a lot about the concept of being coaches for the teens they work with. While they facilitate activities, conversations, and spontaneous moments of fun, they’re always wearing a coaches hat, identifying ways to mentor and coach the teens they work with.

We’re so proud and humbled to work with staff members who dedicate themselves to the mission of Beyond Akeela. They uproot their lives for two months to be amazing coaches. Staff come in with a variety of backgrounds and a common passion for youth development. They self-select into a living and learning community. They work around the clock, and smile through the ups and downs of camp life. It takes a special kind of person to be a great coach at Beyond Akeela and we’re so lucky to have worked with so many over the years.

Who are the coaches in your life? Is there something you’re working toward that a coach could help with? We encourage you to think about coaches you’ve had the fortune of working with, both past and present. Share your gratitude with them.

Kevin & Kristin

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