Why Send Your Teen to an Asperger’s Summer Transition Program

There are many benefits to sending your teen to an Asperger’s summer transition program that we could share with you, but it’s probably best that we let our families tell you why…

Building Social Skills at Camp

“Jane gained so much from her time at Beyond Akeela this past summer, and now that she is off at college, with accommodations in place, some tutoring, and an outside executive functioning coach, she seems to be doing so well! She is being social, making new friends and has joined at least two clubs. We couldn’t be prouder of her and we believe we have Beyond Akeela to thank for helping her learn how to socialize again.”

Preparing for College at Camp

“I do not think we realized until this past month when we watched Tim settle in relatively smoothly to college that we understood the impact Beyond Akeela had on him. He has referred to his transition program several times, saying things like, “They told us about this at Beyond Akeela…”. He has gotten through the bumps more smoothly at Eastern because of Beyond Akeela. We are thankful.”

Building Confidence for College Transition at Camp

“Jonathan gets back from engineering camp tomorrow. I credit Beyond Akeela for giving him the confidence he needed to participate in this program. Being prepared for the college living situation, knowing he can do it, was one hurdle we all didn’t have to worry about. He is enjoying the schedule, the socializing and the project, and phones/computers are allowed and necessary. He’s chosen to be involved with optional activities rather than stay in his room on a device.”

“Sarah is much more self confident and feels much more prepared for college. She got off the plane and said to us “ I am so ready for college!” She really enjoyed the other campers and felt like she found friends she “fit in” with.”

Building Life Skills at Camp

“Joyce is socially more engaged and excited to interact with friends now that she is back from Beyond Akeela. She is more willing to take feedback and is keeping up with some of the improved habits she adopted, such as managing her time and schedule more independently.”

Beyond Akeela’s Asperger’s summer college transition program has been creating transformative experiences for teens for over 10 years, and we look forward to changing more lives next year!

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