Professional Questionnaire

You have been asked to complete this form because of your professional relationship with a teen who has applied to Beyond Akeela. We have already obtained parental consent for our communication. If you would prefer to speak with us by phone, in lieu of completing this form, please let us know by phone (617-882-2267) or email (

Beyond Akeela is a 2.5 week overnight summer program for neurodivergent teens who are working on their college readiness as their post-secondary education approaches. Our mission is to provide our teens with a summer filled with fun, social development, and personal success and growth. Our focus is on the essential non-academic skills needed to thrive in college settings: social skills, independent living skills, executive functioning, and self-advocacy. Skill development at Beyond Akeela comes through intentional practice and experiential learning, with structure and scaffolding provided by an experienced and well-trained group of staff members.