Beyond Akeela Application: Parent Questionnaire

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    We want to do our best to ensure that Beyond Akeela will be a great fit for your teen. Therefore, please try to be as open and honest as possible as you answer these questions. Thank you!

    1. Has your teen ever attended camp? Has he/she/they spent the night (or longer) away from home? What were those experiences like for both you and your teen?

    2. What are his/her/their feelings about possibly attending Beyond Akeela this summer?

    3. What would make this summer a success for your teen?

    4. What are your teen's favorite activities at home, at school and in the community?

    5.How well does your teen interact with other teens close to his/her/their age?
    with easewith some challengewith difficulty

    Please Explain

    6. Is your teen engaged in conversations about their post-secondary future (ie. college plans, potential jobs, etc)? What are their goals beyond high school graduation?

    7. What are the situations that are particularly challenging for him/her/their? What strategies have you found to be most effective?

    8. How well does your teen respond to requests from parents and teachers? (In other words, how well does he/she/they follow rules and expectations?)

    9. Does your teen have a history of verbal or physical aggression, destructive or self-injurious behavior? If so, please describe the circumstances, frequency and how long it's been since you have seen this behavior. What have been the most effective interventions?

    10. As you can imagine, the Beyond Akeela experience includes a lot of transitions and changes in routine. How do you anticipate your teen adjusting to this challenging environment?

    11. To help us create an environment that provides better social outcomes, we do not allow cell phones, tablets, or video game devices at camp. Campers can bring music players or eReaders for use during downtimes. You can see our full electronics policy here. How do you think your teen will do without their cell phone for the duration of camp?

    12. What special services, if any, does your teen receive at school (e.g. special education classroom, academic support, one-to-one aide, speech/language, social/emotional support)?

    13. Many teenagers who struggle socially have also been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder (e.g. anxiety, depression, mood or personality disorders). Please share with us any mental health needs that your teen may have.

    14. If your teen sees a psychologist or mental health professional, how often do they meet? For how long has your teen been working with this professional? In your opinion, how successful has the treatment been?

    15. Does your teen have any special health, hygiene, or dietary needs (including allergies)?

    16. What medications/vitamins/supplements does your teen take? (No need to give doses at this time.)

    17. What is the MOST important thing you would like us to know about your teen?

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