Community Service

NVLD Teen Camp Midwest Community Service
NVLD Teen Camp Midwest Summer 2018 highlights: Community Service

As a NVLD teen camp in the Midwest, community service is an essential part of the Beyond Akeela program. Teens have the opportunity to take on meaningful service projects that simulate real world job experience. They further get to CHOOSE the project they are interested in from a selection of organizations in the area. Here are a few highlights from the community service program this summer:

  • Appleton Public Library

Our more literarily inclined campers walked to the local library to volunteer their time and follow their passions. They had opportunities to see the inner workings of a major public library supporting a large metropolitan area in the Midwest and lend a helping hand in certain areas of need. Beyond Akeela volunteers shelved books, cleaned discs, and set up programs for children in the community!

  • YMCA Day Camps

Campers who want to work with children for a career had the opportunity to volunteer at the YMCA day camp for school aged children and the sports day camp. Beyond Akeela teens raved about how much fun they had being COUNSELORS for a change, and valued the experience as it related to their career aspirations.

  • Lawrence University Dining Hall

We were grateful to the dining hall team for allowing our campers to support their mission and gain some very valuable experience. For teens interested in the culinary world, they had a chance to see what it takes to make a large commercial kitchen run, and got their hands dirty with dishwashing and dining area set up. Further, they had a few opportunities to help with dessert prep for lunches.

The meaningful community service program was such a success for our teens this summer. They came back from each morning of work with smiles on their face. And they are energized from the sense of accomplishment they had. They bragged to each other how much work their group completed (in appropriate ways of course!). We can’t wait to continue creating these opportunities for our teens at Beyond Akeela. A NVLD teen camp in the Midwest.