Job Descriptions

The Beyond Akeela Director is responsible for planning, leading, and supervising all aspects of the Beyond Akeela Teen Program. They work closely with the team of Beyond Akeela Advisors to develop and implement a curriculum of social and life skills into each three week program. The Director is responsible for managing the logistics of the trip, and is the “go to” person for communication with Camp Akeela. They keep parents updated on the success of their teens during the program, and also provide ongoing feedback to the group of Advisors and Nurse.

The Beyond Akeela Advisor plays an essential role in the life and social skill development of the young adults in the program. They help the campers navigate new life experiences, such as exploring urban environments, outdoor adventure, independent traveling, and group living arrangements. They work with the Director to integrate a life and social skills curriculum into these new experiences. They facilitate discussions on relevant topics such as healthy living, nutrition, sex, college, job searching, and others. They are integral in managing behaviors of campers and coaching them through various social situations.

The Beyond Akeela Nurse provides basic care to campers and administers all medications. They communicate with parents when necessary regarding the health of each teen. The Nurse must have at least a RN certification. They also play the role of Advisor during the program.

2017 Dates

Orientation Begins: June 19, 2017
Session Dates: July 10 – August 2, 2017
Staff Departure: August 3, 2017