Why Beyond Akeela?

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What is Beyond Akeela?

The Details!

The Trips

The Big Picture

Beyond Akeela blends elements of a traditional summer camp with components of a teen tour. Participants are part of a tight-knit community, in which they practice post-secondary life skills, experience adventure, and thrive socially. Each day is filled with fun and camaraderie, while preparing campers for life in college and beyond. Beyond Akeela expands their horizons, reveals their leadership potential and creates bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.

Beyond Akeela NVLD Teen Travel program provides a nurturing environment for quirky teens. A place where NVLD and ASD Teens can be social with others and enjoy new activities, engage in rewarding community service projects, visit incredible places and embark on exciting adventures.

Beyond Akeela travelers are bright, independent and academically successful young adults who are looking for a little extra social support. They are at their best when surrounded by like-minded peers and when trusted adults help facilitate meaningful relationships with friends.